Head over to The FADER to check out the latest video we made for The ORWELLS‘ while hungover on New Year’s Day. We shot it on 16mm reversal film because we’re all about being old-timey n hip n shit. EO

Produced by Matt MANDARINO
Directed by Eddie O’KEEFE
Cinematography by Delaney TEICHLER

2 Responses to “The Orwells – The Righteous One (Official Video)”
  1. Eric Kolkey says:

    Right up there with Blood Bubbles! A really cool and effective video for The Orwells song “The Righteous One”. Interesting version of the song as well. Doing superimposition using 16mm cannot be easy. My guess is you also did some A&B rolling. Really not easy. Impressive! GREAT looki
    ng film!

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