She was singing some stupid beyonce song — i hate beyonce — at the depaul party where i went to get in from the cold. and she had brownish hair and black eyes no pupils almost. she looked smart and dumb at the same time like somebody who majored in something admirable but wrote things like ugg alexa chung is so cool or posted photos of sharon tate on tumblr. she had a throwback miller lite can in one hand and a camel soft pack in the other though i didn’t see her smoke a single cigarette that faker. i grabbed a beer though not a throwback can, that shit is really lame and played out. when beyonce was over thank god then the iphone hooked up to the bluetooth thing started playing some dumb punk band that sounded like all the others and she sang that too. she had her new shoes on from urban — the ones with the straps and the cute super cute heels. i would later find out that when she bought those shoes (two days prior; for this party) she also purchased a polaroid camera with a $32 film cartridge. she took a photo of us with that camera many weeks later in the leaves in that park by the statue of the important man and it remained in my wallet for a long time until i lost it on a subway in tokyo. drunk. no id. no money. nightmare.  her coat was vintage very cool i have to say i was jealous worn in perfect with the smell of an old old old car in the sleeves .  and i hated her guts because she was so just annoying you know. like she probably had a rustic old axe hanging on her dorm room wall next to a postcard from yosemite. and she probably  loved stephen shore and john fante and light in the attic records and the mats and milton glazer and count chocula. and i hated girls like that then because I dunno it’s not worth getting into.  i didn’t want them to try so hard then. catcher int he rye nonsense; so narrow-minded so wrong how embarrassing! ,, but i was the one trying the hardest. and while i hated her guts then — i made fun of her in front of her friends that very night and she cried, i didn’t even know her, god i dug her — i still married her anywayss. i did i admit. and we did life together. and i loved her to death though i made her take down the rustic old axe collection which i take pride in admitting was actually on her dorm room wall. she shouldn’t have used nails the RA was pissed. and anyway, many iphone photos of new apartments and dogs and things we ate at restaurants (we heard were sooooooooo good from friends who slowly replaced their love of records and movies and life and feeling things god damnit for expensive yuppie bullshit like restaurants that served black kale) later i died. she died too eventually but married again first. she should have. i don’t blame her. i left her too young. cancer. cell phones. the whole thing. her second husband; nice guy. real nice guy. sold insurance. bad taste in clothes and cars and things. bad hair. but we all get along up here in heaven . in fact we’re all one person or energy or what have you . . .  it’s complicated. and our children’s children’s children’s children didn’t even know our names and they skipped past our photos on the matrix of everything that ever was that they lived in. and then all of creation was incinerated by the sun. fuckin throwback cans. EO

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    really neat!!!

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