You ever wonder about Bob Dylan? About what he’s doing right now, right this second? I think maybe he’s in his car looking up at a billboard for Chipotle or something. Something very ordinary. Just trying to get home through the traffic and the noise and the light. Ain’t it something to imagine Bob Dylan thinking about Chipotle? I bet he’s tired and hungry and tired. Chewing on some gum. Wondering how’d I get here, man? How’d I wind up this man here? Where’d my hair go? Where’d my friends go? And I wonder what he thinks when he hears Lorde come on at Home Depot while he’s looking for some screws. I wonder if he’s seen the newest episode of Mad Men yet. Did he like it? And what about the missing Malaysia flight? Where does he think it went? I wonder if somewhere in the back of his mind — somewhere so deep not even he’s aware — he actually knows the coordinates of the wreckage. I bet he does. I bet he knows. EO

4 Responses to “Freak Flag (photos by Eddie O’KEEFE)”
  1. Jamie Barrett says:

    Cool very cool the Orwells have very good photographer 🙂

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