This is a photographic diary of my third and final year living in Canterbury, Kent or “the Garden of England”. These images tell the warmest, brightest and happiest year I have had at university and will remind me of how special our first home together has been. I have loved going for long walks in the fields, along the river; finding secret areas of the city and seeing the flowers in bloom. My memory of Canterbury before had been cold, wintry, and at times isolating, but this year has been full of sunshine (even when we could see our breath in the kitchen.) I hope that the tender memories we have made in Flat 67 can be preserved and shared in these photographs, because I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to the place. HM

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  1. ブレゲチーム三年間かけて設計、開発と完全にこの復雑な腕時計、この時計の最も代表的な試みはその瞬間ジャンプのタイムゾーンの表示システムで、このシステムは同期日付表示、昼/夜と都市の指示に機械表にとっては、世界で初めて。この機能を簡単に2つの予选旅人読み取りタイムゾーンの時間、ボタンを押すだけでできる時、邪魔のない場合は瞬間からタイムゾーンへの切り替えを別のタイムゾーン。秒を確保することができてシステムを設定する過程の中に正確に変更時、タイムゾーンに影響しない時間を通じて、しかも「追跡システム日付カ…

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