it’s been said
that a word will
be read
and a seed
will explode

in ohio
or indiana
or someplace neat
like that
and quaint
like that

mostly front yards
sometimes backyards
occasionally fields and things

wherever a tree
can provide
shade and protection
and where it’s
liable to have a heart
carved into it

only certain words
mind you — not all
have this power

to breathe life
into seeds

it can happen too
when you kiss
someone new

particular souls
have it in ‘em
and both parties must

for the seed to sprout

it can also occur
when you dream
i should say
like the time

you buried the knife
in the schoolyard
and couldn’t
bring yourself
to look behind you

or when you kissed your best friend
on the mouth at the fair and
day turned to night and you
woke up hard

or like when you came upon the
giant washing machine
at dusk on the beach
and you didn’t know why but
you couldn’t step closer
and you didn’t know why
but you knew the machine was death

that one meant
the tree was growing
that one meant
the tree would flourish


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