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My Grandmother lived in the mountains of Caposele, Italy before she migrated to England at 25 in 1954. We lost her in 2003 when I was 9 years old to dementia, which meant that we had lost a lot of her during her illness. She was a warm and loving presence in my childhood and I have fragments of memories, video and photographs to remind myself of who she was. It was journeying back to Caposele, though, where I had truly found my Grandmother again. I was able to walk through the town she grew up in, look out at the same view from where her house stood, walk among the same pines and along the same river, and felt the love from the family that remained in the mountains. HM

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These photographs were taken during the four months I spent living and studying in San Diego, CA in late 2014 and each image means so much to me. My heart ached for my loved ones 5000 miles away and eight hours into their days, but I found comfort in the deep blue skies, the velvet mountains, the rolling waves and the kind-hearted people I had met. I also found some strength in myself I didn’t know was there before. With these photos I’m always reminded of the sunsets at Torrey Pines playing on the ocean, the golden rocks, the pine trees and the clusters of cacti in the sand. The panoramic views of the desert landscape on sweaty hikes with friends. Hot summer walks around Balboa Park and seeking shade under the palms. Horseback riding in the mountains of Julian and seeing the sun set between the trees. Our road trip to Laguna, Newport, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean as often as I could and eating the best Mexican food i’ve ever tasted. The last photo in the series is the last photo I took in San Diego before it was time to come home. It was a windy December afternoon by Ocean Beach and the clouds were heavy in the sky. The California blues in the sea were being pulled away from me and the grey water was setting in, readying me for England, and it was hard to say goodbye. HM

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This is a photographic diary of my third and final year living in Canterbury, Kent or “the Garden of England”. These images tell the warmest, brightest and happiest year I have had at university and will remind me of how special our first home together has been. I have loved going for long walks in the fields, along the river; finding secret areas of the city and seeing the flowers in bloom. My memory of Canterbury before had been cold, wintry, and at times isolating, but this year has been full of sunshine (even when we could see our breath in the kitchen.) I hope that the tender memories we have made in Flat 67 can be preserved and shared in these photographs, because I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to the place. HM

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This is the photographic diary from my month long road trip around the West of America with three dear friends. These photos appear in chronological order from the beginning to the end of our travels. I saw and experienced some magnetic cities and stunning places of natural beauty that will stay with me for a long time. HM

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I’d heard of flashing lights and sirens rising to cacophony, a million stories built up into the sky. I thought New York would be overwhelming, but what I found was beautiful. I found silence. I saw the city sleep in its season of hibernation, the aged concrete turned innocent by the snow. I found intimacy in the humdrum and friendship in the faceless crowd. I thought New York would roar, but I heard it hum in inertia and somewhere I left my heart to find it again someday, hopefully. HM


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