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Introducing: five time Grammy award winners, PEEL. NM

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You saw Taylor Spliff’s debut performance last night on Ziggy Tonight; you’ve been thinking about it ever since; wondering who that elusive poet and bed headed emancipator might be; wondering how you can hear more; wondering how you can join his ranks and be part of a new social and musical revolution. Well, all that and more is coming — be patient, sweet doves. For now, here is the studio version of his hit single “I Fucking Love You.” Live it. Learn it. Preach it. EO

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Many of you may already know that my sweet baby angel, Greta Morgan, has a new LP coming out on Autumn Tone Records next week under the moniker Springtime Carnivore. I’ve been doing videos for Springtime Carnivore since the beginning; in fact last year we produced a Halloween video for her song “Creature Feature” — a track which is also on the upcoming record. Sadly however, this year other projects and obligations got the best of us. Between Greta’s touring schedule and my new cookbook, we didn’t have time to shoot another spooky video for All Hallows’ Eve.

But then Greta and I received the above clip in our inbox.

We have no idea who made this or why or how. In the signature of the email, the sender referred to himself simply as THE BEAST. The body of the note was written in indecipherable, Japanese gibberish, which even Google Translate could not convert.

I warn you. It is disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

Happy Halloween.


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So proud to be able to premiere this power pop gem by Eric Hehr. If you’ve been following Eric’s musical career over the last ten years (as I have), you’ll know instantaneously — from the first drum beat — that this song could not have been composed by anyone else. And I mean that as a high, high compliment. Dig in n DOWNLOAD HEREEO

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Above is a love letter to my hometown, scored by my favorite song off of The ORWELLS’ new record (out tomorrow). I couldn’t be prouder of these boys. Thanks to NPR for the premiere. EO

Produced by Matt MANDARINO
Directed by Eddie O’KEEFE
Cinematography by Delaney TEICHLER
Costume Design by Kaitlin JONGEBLOED
Special Thanks to Luke LUCAS and Nick MATSAS

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Munch on this wide load. Directed by Nick MATSAS.

More about Motorcycle Crash.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.12.58 PM

Word around the campfire is that this mystery EP was recorded by a leather-clad teen-age specter who walks a lonely stretch of highway in rural Indiana. It’s rumored that he died along that road many years ago (apparently on prom night). The ghost’s moniker is Motorcycle Crash and the name of his record is The Endless Bummer. It fucking rules. Download it here. EO

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I directed the above video for The ORWELLS‘ new single, DIRTY SHEETS. We were trying to go for something subtle and refined. We hope you like it. EO

Directed by Eddie O’KEEFE
Produced by Matt MANDARINO
Cinematography by Delaney TEICHLER
Costume Design by Cherokee NEAS
Make-Up by Rikki TECHNER

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Head over to NOISEY for the exclusive premiere of our new, Halloween-themed music video for mysterious bedroom-pop sensation, SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE. It concludes our morbid dance video trilogy. EO

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