Photos of where buildings connect to the street in San Francisco and some other stuff too. EO

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This is the photographic diary from my month long road trip around the West of America with three dear friends. These photos appear in chronological order from the beginning to the end of our travels. I saw and experienced some magnetic cities and stunning places of natural beauty that will stay with me for a long time. HM

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Illustration by Clare BYRNE

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I’m often glad
That my memory is poor
So that I can’t remember the events
That made me who I am today
But instead focus on the events
Still unforeseen
That will make me who I have always
Tried hopelessly to be


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Peter Ivers – Grand Theft Auto (Main Theme) 
Clifford T. Ward – Wherewithal 
Ted Lucas – It’s So Easy (When You Know What You’re Doing) 
Kevin Ayers – Margaret 
Paul McCartney & Wings – I Am Your Singer 
John Maus – Hey Moon 
Pharaoh Sanders – Colors 
Bill Evans – Peace Piece 
Black Sabbath – Changes

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The Reels – Return
Yes – Soon
OMD – So in Love
2:45 – Creeping
Ringo Starr – Only You (And You Alone)
Ever Isles – Organ Heart
The Kinks – Property
Francoise Hardy ft. Iggy Pop – I’ll Be Seeing You
Kraftwerk – Neon Lights

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Tusla isn’t a place that you think about
Very much – Sometimes I go to Tulsa
To think about other places,
But never do I think about Tulsa – Sometimes
Flint Michigan, but never Dayton Dayton Dayton
Dayton – say it enough and it stops being a place
Nothing exists exists exists if I’m not looking at it.
Gilligan never got off the Island – Forever stuck in Yankton.

Gabriel YOUNES

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Nick MATSAS has not one, but two, brand new short films in the works. Below are trailers to both. Enjoy. 


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The Dar-Lettes, Jerry Reid, Maurice & Marianne, The Charmelles, Beverly McCay, Ronny Butler & The Nitehawks, Jackie Ross, Maxine Cannon – no joke, everyone was at The Crystale that night. And when I say everyone, you best believe I mean everyone: Tab Vaughn, Lou Ballad, Clarence & Tammi Parker, Art Lester & The Ex-Cel’s, uh, Chico Robin, The Del-Laces, Little Freddy – every last single one of them, drinking like fishes, dancing like maniacs till the sky turned black to gold.

Gloria Blossom from The Blossoms wrote “Cryin’ All Over” in the Crystale lobby that night after she caught Roscoe Bell leaving in a cab with The Permamatic sisters. Sidney Stewart met Mamie Rhone for the first time at the coat-check, who’d he later marry and, as you probably know, murder on Easter morning. Supposedly, Claudine King drank so much gin that it took all of The Velphonics to carry her back up to her hotel room, where it is rumored an all-night orgy occurred. Now I can’t account for that. I saw Claudine earlier in the night, and truth be told – her eyes were a bit glassy.

Barry Sands rang up a tab well over a grand that night, which Prince Moore wound up having to pay for after he lost a game of poker to Barry. Cindy Summers threw up all over Chico Robin’s brand new Stollata suit, which he had tailored earlier in the day for the occasion. None of the men wore lapels on their blazers and none of the girl’s eyelashes were real.

Curtis Rodney broke his leg that night trying to do the splits for Maxine Cannon’s bassist, who told him “Man, you’re too damn short to be that flexible” and wagered a king sized bet against Rodney, resulting in the loss of his beloved pink Caddy. Dennis The Cyclone signed on to produce The Spectrums that night, which would result in the one-hit wonder, “He Wants Her (But She Wants Somebody Else).” 

You probably think I’m shittin’ you, but no lie, no lie – it was all happening at The Crystale that night. Hey, I’m just lucky that I got to be there. Funny thinking about it now ‘cause originally my girl wanted me to stay home that night; she was making lasagna from scratch. But at the time I was trying to nail in some session work for Chico, so I told her, “Baby, I love your lasagna, you know I do. But I really got to go to The Crystale tonight.” And boy, oh boy, she was madder than hell, but I grabbed my houndstooth and hitched a taxi ‘cross-town to The Crystale and the rest is history.

Yes sir, I was there when Angie Fey slapped Pete Hooker in the face for letting Darlene Kelly sing on her tracks. I was even there when Parker Wilson crashed his Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria into the Crystales fountain. Oh lord, what a mess! And such a beautiful automobile – pink and black with a brand new chrome job. I was out on the balcony with Lee Dempt having a smoke – you know Lee Dempt, right? Played sax on “Ain’t The Girl Something?” Beautiful musician – so I’m on the balcony with Lee having a smoke, when alls a sudden I hear Parker hootin’ and hollerin’ from below and VRROOOOM VRROOOM VROOOM! Next thing you know, Parker’s bottoms up in The Crystale fountain.

The road manager from The Bonnies told me that Dakota Young introduced Little Freddy to heroin that night. Supposedly he was in back booth of the bar when Freddy took his first hit. You know the rest of that story.

Kinda sad, you know? Thinking about that night at The Crystale, and all those people. Everyone was so young, so talented. They’re all dead now. And what do we got? A few tunes that everyone can sing along to and some old man remembering nights that once were. And what good is it really? But now I’ve gone off on a tangent. I’m sorry, kid, what was your question again?


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