I try to see the good in everyone,
the bad in myself,
And the spots on the sun.

I lie but only for the sake of art,
To embellish with intent,
for a figment to start.

Sometimes I dine alone and in the dark,
Without light on to reveal,
The contents so stark.

I live between meters chasing lines,
Dodging caution blowing by,
In a field of mines.

And it’s thankless,
Sometimes it’s thankless.

Some days I recall how you look,
With the shutterless memory,
that fills history books.

Indeed you can spin me around,
light both ends of the wick,
Til the mute makes a sound.

and it’s thankless,
Sometimes it’s thankless.

Michael FIORE

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A collection of new photos mixed in with some righteous, forgotten, neglected, once unloved but now loved, unearthed, saved from the depths of iPhoto hell b-side slides from the last year. Some include teen sensations Baby Chuck O’Keefe and Avan Jogia. Others depict a homeless man sleeping in front of a Pay-Less and an ugly free chair (once loved but now unloved, thrown to the curb). Ah, the spectrum of warm-blooded life on this miraculous celestial body we call Erff. EO

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Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.00.56 AM

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Scott Walker – My Death
Moby Grape – Come In The Morning
Frijid Pink – The House Of The Rising Sun
Ty Segall – Thank God For Sinners
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Ballad Of Jim Jones
Link Wray – Take Me Home To Jesus
Mac Demarco – Let My Baby Stay
Cliff Richards – Devil Woman
Tom Waits – Lord I’ve Been Changed

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My father, for a long, long time did not go to the hospital. He got sick, died, and my mother remarried. She hates being alone and I was not around. Howard Anderson was around. Howard Anderson was married when he met my mother, to alcohol, gambling, and two timing. Howard Anderson promised my mother he’d work the land and the family would benefit. 

Tomorrow, at dawn, as I watch the bullets penetrate the body of Howard Anderson and his blood fertilizes the soil of my fathers farm, maybe, a plant would grow and the family would benefit. NM

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I tell you, it can be exhausting walking around taking photos of laundromats and litter in the southern California hotness. A boy needs a better pair of shoes, Mama! For Christmas I need some new shoes! Some superior kicks. Some high class loafers. Mine got so many holes. The soles are all worn down and the strings are frayed and yellowed with urine and exhaust and Slurpee drippings. A boy needs some shoes if his photos are ever gonna wind up on the cover of the National Geographic or the Smithsonian or the Tampa Bay Times. That’s what Ansel Adams always said. #shoes #bettershoes #photolife EO

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My body and my speech
My clothes and my teeth
Betray me
I am 10,000 people all at once
And I am wiser than I seem

I’ve never read a poem that’s as good as a milk shake
I’ve never had a milk shake that’s as good as a woman
I’ve only had a handful of women
Figure that one out

I feel as though I’m on the precipice of a
or a breakdown
or a touchdown

I despise many aspects of my own personality
Sometimes when I speak it’s just my father talking

I am a card carrying member of the post-confidence generation.
the only thing I am confident in is that I am confident in nothing.
How can one be confident in a world
created by confident men before us
I mean take a look around, why dontcha.

I think it’s probably time a divorced lesbian pot smoking muslim
rules the country
I’m sick of all these old bald white men
they’re boring
and they smell like talcum powder
and steak sauce
and they’re fucking silly

I often wonder if my apathy
is the result of designed, systematic
brainwashing on the part of the US government.
But I’m not confident in that assessment.

If you say apathy 10 times fast while holding your tongue
it sounds like a sweatshop

I’m confident in pancakes with maple syrup.
I’m confident that I’ve seen
far too many photos of naked models with handguns
On the internet. I’m done with that shit.

I want to stand naked
I want to stand for something
I want to stand proud
I wish I was born 500 years ago

I used to only write these things so
I could tweet/facebook/instagram about them
and watch the hits come in.

fuck the teenage head
what on earth even is this website?
I’m deleting it
it’s embarrassing.

Do you think butterflies remember being caterpillars?
Do they miss their caterpillar friends?


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The following photos were taken throughout East Los Angeles. Shot on a Canon AE-1 with Fugicolor 200. EH

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I couldn’t tell if the stars were particularly bright
or if the moon was just darker than it usually is.
Your jeans smelled like weed and mothballs
that were made in Poughkeepsie,
or some other place where mothballs are made.

I thought it was funny when you burnt the vinyl seats
in your dad’s car. I tried to act concerned,
but it all smelled like a big joke to me
like when I used to steal matches out of the top drawer
to melt rubber bands together
to make bigger rubber bands
that seemed to travel faster when shot
over the fence at the neighbors cat.

I’m not sure if I have ever seen you
so worried as if your hair would be less blonde the next day,
or as if cigarettes wouldn’t taste as good after.

Gabriel YOUNES

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I was commissioned to take these photographs for the new WD-40 ad campaign. I hope you enjoy.  EO

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Before I left for Big Sur, the very talented photographer Delaney Teichler recommended that I pick up some Fuji Velvia 100. I have little experience with slide film, so I only shot two rolls of it. Immediately after getting the film processed, I wish I would have brought much more with me.

In addition to the “technicolor explosion” of the Velvia, I had beautiful subject matter: Big Sur. And although I am happy with how most of these shots turned out, they don’t do Big Sur justice. It’s impossible to capture the overwhelming beauty of Big Sur in a single frame – or even a series of single frames.

The following pictures were taken while traveling from San Luis Obispo through Big Sur up to Carmel, CA. Shot on a Canon AE-1 with Fugi Velvia 100 Color Slide Film.


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