at the divorce party
in the hills
you whispered in my ear
that the mood was uncool
and the bride and groom to un-be
were putting on airs
you said
and i agreed

then you took back a shot
and two hours later
we made love in the bathroom

we contemplated the house
who’d get what
that arbus photo in the foyer
the maseratti in the driveway
dylan’s nylon string in the glass case
where it would never ring out
another note again

and what about
the red headed kids
poor babies
where would they wind up
and what unsuspecting dreamers would
buy this place
full of bad vibrations

in the kitchen
in the forties
a silent movie star
blew his brains out
after eating
an egg salad sandwich

at least that’s what the bartender told us
as he served us gin and tonics
common knowledge
everyone knows

maybe the bad vibrations
were terminal
i said
maybe this house was built on sacred land
yeah right
you shot back
a little too loudly
the husband just
can’t keep it in his pants
that’s all

no indians are to blame
no indians are to blame
the indians have suffered enough
leave them out of this

i wouldn’t know
i didn’t know
the divorcees at all
i confessed
i was just invited by a friend
i was just a plus one

you scoffed at me
and said just forget it
just forget it man
doesn’t an egg salad sandwich
sound good right now
doesn’t that sound like it’d hit the spot
and i knew just the place
for us to get one

on the way out
you swiped the arbus print
and keyed the masarati

i never got your name

i saw your picture
in the paper today
and it all added up


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 A traveling salesman, cooped up in a motel room, dreams of being with his drowned wife. RL

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i am american
words like locomotive
and dirt
and west
and death
are like dog whistles
that spike some
instinct in my spirit
to run
to desert you
to become
what i’ve always admired
haunted and fierce
and light as a feather
unchained from
the imperfections
of my blood


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I flipped the Asian tourist-with-camera formula on its head and took photos in Japan for a week. It’s immediately obvious why our two cultures are so fascinated with snapping photos of each other.  One week was not enough, I’ll be back. MM

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Head over to Noisey to check out the new Springtime Carnivore video I directed (and to get your lil heart emoji stomped on). Very proud of this one. EO

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This is a photographic diary of my third and final year living in Canterbury, Kent or “the Garden of England”. These images tell the warmest, brightest and happiest year I have had at university and will remind me of how special our first home together has been. I have loved going for long walks in the fields, along the river; finding secret areas of the city and seeing the flowers in bloom. My memory of Canterbury before had been cold, wintry, and at times isolating, but this year has been full of sunshine (even when we could see our breath in the kitchen.) I hope that the tender memories we have made in Flat 67 can be preserved and shared in these photographs, because I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to the place. HM

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Annie Hall – Woody Allen (1977)
Band Of Robbers – Adam & Aaron Nee (2015)
Dope – Rick Famuyiwa (2015)
Heaven Knows What – Ben & Joshua Safdie (2015)
High Fidelity – Stephen Frears (2000)
Insidious: Chapter 3 – Leigh Whannell (2015)
Jurassic World – Colin Trevorrow (2015)
Love & Mercy – Bill Pohlad (2015)

Dark Energy – Robert Morgan (Poetry Collection, 2015)
House Of Leaves – Mark Z. Danielewksi (Novel, 2000)
The Oracle Of Hollywood Boulevard – Dana Goodyear (Poetry Collection, 2013)
A Poetry Handbook – Mary Oliver (Reference, 1994)
Sex At Dawn – Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jethá (Psychology, 2010)
Silver Screen Fiend – Patton Oswalt (Memoir, 2015)
Slouching Towards Bethlehem – Joan Didion (Essay Collection, 1968)
X – Dan Chelotti (Poetry Collection, 2013)

Joni Mitchell – Blue (1971)
Joni Mitchell – Ladies Of The Canyon (1970)
Various – Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru’s Radical Decade (2014)
The Walters – Songs For Dads (2014)
Nina Simone – To Love Somebody (1969)

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