If you stab yourself enough
chocolate will come out
of your veins and harden
on the Formica counter
top that was at your mother’s house
prior to the great “mom got bored”
remodel of 1997, but just after
the underwhelming “dad cheated on mom
divorce, which is why we moved
here” debacle of 1995.

              Nothing matters if you die too many times.

It’s like a sunshine daydream.

Gabriel YOUNES

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Model: Olivia Vandenberg
Hair & Make-up: Jennifer Sarchet

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Model: Olivia Vandenberg
Hair & Make-up: Jennifer Sarchet

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If I pass your house enough you might end up inside,
eyes glued to the TV open wide,
But there’s a ring on the table where you had placed your cup,
So I take a stroll down a bad alley to get myself beat up. 
Seasonal queen adolescent serene,
Turning your spokes and winking out jokes,
Come wipe the blood from my bottom lip,
And pour me reform I could use a sip. 


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This photo album is meant to be played loud. EO

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Life is an exclamation point
In the center of an otherwise blank page
Where flowers grow
And where sun shines
Where there’s warmth n light
food and fast cars
coffee and dogs
Rhymes and numbers and Sundays
Don’tcha love Sundays
Sundaes too
There are moms n dads and sisters and brothers and Summer and grass
Swimming pools and kazoos and elephants
There’s clouds you could stare at for hours too and sometimes
They gather at the horizon and turn black
And you can watch from your porch as electricity splinters across the sky with a heavenly boom
You’ll never forget it
The smell of those storms
What else?
Well there’s The Beatles
The Beatles!
Movies and coca-colas with ice
Lightning bugs and baseball
Cheeseburgers and beaches and making love
And people
so many exclamation points making things
and waging war and kissing hands and faces and dancing and singing the words out loud cuz they can’t help it
They just feel all over
Hey-ay hey-ay hey-ay A little bit louder now
And it all makes no sense at all and sometimes it makes ur head hurt
But mostly it’s real incredible
And it’s a gift
And it’s not to be taken for granted
And anyone who rolls their eyes at that oughta be socked in the face


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sock it to me chu chu
dumb dick
limp dick
sick dick

take a shot
for all the girls
you won’t see necked
won’t taste
won’t know
won’t write words about and 2

Yeah i got an old lady
so what
what’s it 2 u chu chu
you tryna prove sum thing
you wouldn’t no the sum of 1 plus 1 if it hitchu in ur eye
punched ya in the gut
dumb nut
fat butt
pizza hut

im tired of all these lights
don’t these machines shut off
don’t these feeds stop ticking
how many characters is 140 characters
140 caricatures?
try a billion
try a gazillion
an entire generation
google infinity then hit command – shift – F7
I hear it makes ur computer esssplode!
can i check tumblr from this casket
what’s the price difference
is there a pro account

im sick n tired of ur face
n ur name
n ur brand
n ur point of view
point of view? u couldn’t see past your own nose
u chalupa headed hipster
i wouldn’t like ur page for all the pesos in china

n u wonder y ur heart skips its beats
n y ur hairs falling out
y ur so soft in the center
but if ur asking these questions then its too late babe
much too late
ur like a beach comber with old dead batteries
looking for a watch he lost two hundred years ago
thats u
and id feel sorry
if eye didn’t see how much ya deserved it


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Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.50.36 PM

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Mimi & Richard Farina – Reflections In A Crystal Wind
Peter Sarstedt – I Am A Cathedral
Jerry Jeff Walker – Shell Game
Frankie Cosmos – School
PORCHES. – Franklin The Flirt
Women – Black Rice
Wet & Reckless – Best Night
Sharon Van Etten – Our Love
Neil Young – Girl From The North Country

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has adventure died? or have we become complacent without wonder and with whatever suppressants we can still afford.  has questioning for a greater good run it’s course right into the great wall of subservience?  and standing at the base of this great wall do we silence our inquisitive minds to stare up blankly towards the sun with out turned pockets, open hands and empty mouths hoping for rain? Does anyone care anymore and would it matter if they did? do we look for common ground anymore? or simply kick it back and forth afraid to connect to any of it, afraid that our eyes might meet. afraid that our souls might touch. is there still a horizon to sail and a wind to blow or has the sweet smell of loam turned to rot and even so does that breath of decay still fertilize new life or turn to dust on the sand. why is this asian guy in my office? why does he make so many noises, bodily and otherwise? he never stops fidgeting and fiddling with a phone? what does he even do? I asked him how his day was and he said he was driving “so…”  Is that an answer now? if he starts to think about how his day really was or is would he begin to think of the week before and then in turn be caused to reflect on his entire life and then direct his attention to tomorrow and with screaming pain end writhing on the ground in hopeless incertitude? is that such a bad thing? no one knows but me. 


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