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To commemorate the BluRay release of Shangri-La Suite, I’m proud to share the music video for “I Don’t Want To Die,” an original track from the film, performed by Emily Browning and written and produced by the Mondo Boys. 

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My first feature film, Shangri-La Suite, comes out in Los Angeles and New York today. If you live in either of those cities, please swing by your local cinema and check it out. It’s a weird, polarizing piece of cult-trash outsider cinema and it needs all the support it can get. The film tells the story of two lovers-on-the-run during the summer of 1974. Their names: Jack Blueblood and Karen Bird. Their aim: to kill Elvis Presley. It stars Emily Browning, Luke Grimes, Avan Jogia and Ron Livingston (as the King). Burt Reynolds narrates.

For those of you who don’t live in New York or Los Angeles, don’t fret — the film will be released on iTunes and other digital platforms in February of 2017.

If you like in the UK, you can rent and purchase the movie on Amazon Prime or Google Play now (under its international title, “Kill The King”). EO


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Shangri-La Suite is the name of a feature film I will (hopefully) be directing in the (very near) future. If all goes according to plan, it could shoot as soon as this winter (or, you know, in like eight years)*. Things are looking good, but you never know. The film industry is a fickle place and it’s tuff stuff to get dudes to donate millions of bones to a movie co-written and directed by a freckle-faced, 25-year-old hipster. Who knew?

Anyway, The movie takes place in 1974 and it’s about two lovers on the run, headed to Los Angeles, to kill Elvis Presley (kind of like Gravity). Here are some photos I took during the production of a teaser we shot to stir up interest in the biz. EO

*The average American film takes seven years from the moment the script is started to the day of its theatrical release. So far, I’m only three years in.

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