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I wrote and directed this short film back in 2012. It’s an earnest (and rather simplistic) love letter to America. Or the idea of America anyway. For various reasons it was never released. I thought it deserved to be out in the world in some capacity. Hope you dig.  EO

Featuring Brett ROBINSON as . . . The HERO

Executive Produced by OKRP
Produced by James LOURIE & Matt MANDARINO
Written, Directed & Edited by Eddie O’KEEFE
Cinematography by Delaney TEICHLER
Production Design by Samantha WALLSCHLAEGER
Costume Design by Chrissy CALLAN

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Eritten & Directed
Nick Matsas

Jackson James

Mike Finch 

Art Direction
Clare Byrne

Kate Byrne
Patch Romanowski
DJ Smith
Pat Kilcullen / Kids
Russell Zwolinski
Pete Mueller

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My first feature film, Shangri-La Suite, comes out in Los Angeles and New York today. If you live in either of those cities, please swing by your local cinema and check it out. It’s a weird, polarizing piece of cult-trash outsider cinema and it needs all the support it can get. The film tells the story of two lovers-on-the-run during the summer of 1974. Their names: Jack Blueblood and Karen Bird. Their aim: to kill Elvis Presley. It stars Emily Browning, Luke Grimes, Avan Jogia and Ron Livingston (as the King). Burt Reynolds narrates.

For those of you who don’t live in New York or Los Angeles, don’t fret — the film will be released on iTunes and other digital platforms in February of 2017.

If you like in the UK, you can rent and purchase the movie on Amazon Prime or Google Play now (under its international title, “Kill The King”). EO


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 A traveling salesman, cooped up in a motel room, dreams of being with his drowned wife. RL

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Head over to Noisey to check out the new Springtime Carnivore video I directed (and to get your lil heart emoji stomped on). Very proud of this one. EO

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Ziggy is an American public affairs show founded and hosted by Ziggy Matsas, founder and publisher of Intellectual Review magazine. This show is devoted to a leisurely examination of issues and ideas at an extremely high level. Ziggy believes that in order to convince, you must debate guests who are intellectuals and/or those in privileged positions of power about the ideas and issues of the day. Ciao 

Nicholas MATSAS, Director

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Spread the Halloween Gospel and watch A Micro Horror Anthology directed by my good friend Ryan Ohm.

Have a wonderful Halloween…


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