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Many of you may already know that my sweet baby angel, Greta Morgan, has a new LP coming out on Autumn Tone Records next week under the moniker Springtime Carnivore. I’ve been doing videos for Springtime Carnivore since the beginning; in fact last year we produced a Halloween video for her song “Creature Feature” — a track which is also on the upcoming record. Sadly however, this year other projects and obligations got the best of us. Between Greta’s touring schedule and my new cookbook, we didn’t have time to shoot another spooky video for All Hallows’ Eve.

But then Greta and I received the above clip in our inbox.

We have no idea who made this or why or how. In the signature of the email, the sender referred to himself simply as THE BEAST. The body of the note was written in indecipherable, Japanese gibberish, which even Google Translate could not convert.

I warn you. It is disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

Happy Halloween.


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Mama said 
you’ll see paradise
but you only see it once 
if you hesitate, if you turn away 
it’ll be gone, gone, gone. 
She told me a story once 
about a Peach Blossom Cove that sailors found in the year 1100. 
Fruit so ripe it turned to syrup in their mouths, 
bare breasted maidens resting under soft palms
waving the men forward. 
The sailors left utopia to go collect their comrades, 
they never found their way back. 
The coordinates lost forever. 
You’ll see paradise
but you only see it once 
if you hesitate, if you turn away 
it’s gone gone gone 
I love a man who is good but flawed –
     for a time I rested easy with his palms on me 
he kissed my temples before I fell asleep
           we read on Sundays and drank coffee  
     and he drove me to every sight in the USA 
that ever made him comforted about being so meaningless 
After a while, the drinking came back 
his achilles heel 
like his father before and the father before 
Crept in on him. The way the darkness feels on those desert roads at night with no street lights. 
Dark matter, black matter, you don’t realize it’s there till it’s all around you and you can’t take a deep breath anymore. 
I know where to find him. 
Passed out in the bed as dead as the mountains at night. 
Dreams all black too. 
I know where to find the man
But as for our love 
The coordinates are lost forever. 
And the island where we lived 
and slept and drank coffee and made love and read aloud 
Our Peach Blossom Cove 
Is nothing but a cube of sugar 
melting on my tongue. 


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