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Did I dream last night? Did I dream of Lydia Cacho again? Did I dream of the desert? Am I in the desert? Are there shadows in my shade? Is there wind in my window? Am I a cactus? Am I a farmer? Does the universe sit on the sun?..The sun sits on the universe?

The universe was pulled back and released.

Moving forward, moving slow, passing stars, passing bars

Motel Motel’your heart, my heart

I’ve stayed in Psychedelic Kazakhstan, concrete bed

Run run

field field

good night Sam Shepard

Peel off your eyelashes and past them to the mirror


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Eritten & Directed
Nick Matsas

Jackson James

Mike Finch 

Art Direction
Clare Byrne

Kate Byrne
Patch Romanowski
DJ Smith
Pat Kilcullen / Kids
Russell Zwolinski
Pete Mueller

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Been thinking a great deal. A new deal. A deal between my arms and you. 

Sometime my soul is a one-horse town. Minot, ND is the horse and I am the town and the community grows and you help that community grow. I can always count on you. This is a deal, a beautiful deal. 

But if I catch you ogling my wife again I will make certain your blood changes the color of my soil and my crop will feed your starving family. 

Don’t break the deal

Your daughter will wear perfume and pearls


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The Walters. They rescue runaway dogs, hang with baseball players from Kenosha, and kiss their mothers. NM

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Introducing: five time Grammy award winners, PEEL. NM

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If my boots had ears, they’d hear this pen scribble.

The sun sat below the mountain skyline as I walked out of the trailer. Two dogs barking back and forth in the distance, chatter in the greenhouse down the dirt road. I heard everything. Memories rush in and grab my heart. I looked behind me and walked toward the dogs and chatter for a bite to eat.

Thats the feel of photography.


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Tree don’t care if it rain
Morning dew watch the river run away
Little bird don’t know the sun shinin bright

The sun is happy above the clouds
Its laughter, drifts down
And dries up the reservoir
It’s a real abattoir


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