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The video I directed for The ORWELLS‘ new single “Who Needs You” premiered on today. Here’s what I told those Prius-driving pinkos about it:

“While I think The Orwells’ music has a universal appeal, there’s something about them that feels distinctly American to me — not just a quality in their music (the lyrics to “Who Needs You” especially), but something about their collective spirit. They look like the kids from Stand By Me or an old Norman Rockwell painting canted a few degrees. I wanted to capture that aspect of the band in a video. The basic pitch was Patton by way of Parallax View.”

Pre-order The ORWELLS’ new EP here and see them this weekend at Lollapalooza (and the after-party at Schubas).


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Head over to VICE to check out our latest music video for The ORWELLS and their mid-tempo rager, “Blood Bubbles.” Of the dozens of music videos I’ve directed in my day, this just might be my new personal favorite; the high water mark to beat. Also, in case you’re totally clueless and you haven’t purchased The ORWELLS’ new EP yet — do so stat. EO

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 The TEENAGE Head n Rollo & Grady Present . . .

The Orwells, Criminal Hygiene and Cherry Glazzer
Venue: The Airliner
Saturday, April 20th (2pm-6pm)
21+ :: $7 At The Door

Be there, Beliebers.

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Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 7.49.55 PM

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Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.51.18 PM

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Follow me on Tumblr. I post images of guns, girls, violence and perversion.


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This was made as my “special moment” video for the 2012 Vimeo Awards. If we were to have won, this would have played on screen at the ceremony as we were being showered with champagne and signing multi-million dollar film deals on the way to the podium. However we were not selected as finalists — Ham Sandwich was. Anyway, I decided to upload this for ya’ll. You might dig it.


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The GHOSTS has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Vimeo Awards. Vote for it at the link below! Once a day, every day. It’s good for ya!


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